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Doing the job right the first time every time: See for yourself how HC has built the dreams of its clients time and again. Explore our project portfolio now.

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From simple bathroom remodels to building your dream home or adding a second story to your existing home, Hernando Construction has the skill sets you need and the quality to exceed your expectations. We operate in Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Sumter counties.

Helping You build Your Dreams

From the rough sketches though blueprints and plan check all the way to the last coat of paint, Hernando Construction will be there to ensure every 'I'  is dotted and every 'T' is crosse. Home ownership is a great asset. Your home, for most, will be the largest asset you ever own. It only makes sense that you take great pride in the projects you undertake and deserve a contractor that understands that pride and transfers that pride into his work.


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Below is a slideshow highlighting two projects. One is a standard new home build. The other is a not so ordinary 2000 sqft second story addition.






Home Sweet Home

Every construction project comes with its own set of problems to overcome. New construction normally works in a linear path, one trade following the next. Remodel construction is a whole different ball game. Many times requiring trades to work together simultaneously, next to each other or back and forth to keep the project on course. That is where Hernando Constructions' LLC multiple skills come in handy.


In the second story addition we basically removed the existing roof and added a second house on top of the existing one. This meant that all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC running in the attic had to be removed and then re-routed after the framing of the new story was completed. We find much pride in saying that the residents did not move out during the whole process and were never without hot water or electricity. HOWEVER, this is not something I would recommend. Living in a home that is having a secondary bathroom remodeled is stressful enough. The addition included two bedrooms one full bath and a loft. We also did a complete kitchen remodel in the house concurrently.


Today counties and cities are requiring permits for any remodel project you do to your house. This normally means that you will have to provide plans to the city or county plan check. The city if you live within the city limits and Stanislaus County if you live outside city limits. You will go back and forth with these entities and pay them large sums of money before the project will even begin. It will save you money to try and do these things yourself, but I have seen more than one project get delayed or even go away because of the aggravation in dealing with these government entities. Simply let us deal with the headache for you!



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